Boxing with Sifu Chris Collins
Training with Sifu Chris Collins


I don’t think there is a need to go into the history or background of boxing on this website. We all know the significance boxing has had over the past century in how we train, how we fight and how we view capable fighters. Boxing is a very important part of our training here at ChrisCollinsACTION.

We welcome anyone from beginner to advanced, to our boxing classes, which are offered 3 times a week (Mon-Wed-Fri) as well as personal training on an hourly basis. Drop-ins for the boxing classes and circuit training are welcome too.

Boxing really helps to develop the students on many levels. Let’s explore them.


You will shed weight very quickly and dramatically improve your cardiovascular endurance.


You will quickly gain confidence in yourself through sparring. Landing punches and taking punches allows the fighter to develop confidence in his abilities. You begin to accept being hit; this is important as many martial arts students fear getting punched in the face.


You will develop power while working on your body mechanics when throwing punches, understanding where the power points are in your body to inflict the most devastation with your punches. You will develop speed while working on the mitts where you will be putting the punches from the heavy bag into a more dynamic environment. Then its timing. You will develop timing during sparring sessions. You must be able to work your angles and distance control in order to avoid punches, as well as landing punches. However, to be truly effective, you must develop timing. This is done during sparring. Timing your entries and counters, in order to make your shots count.


Boxing works wonders for stress relief. Like I said earlier, you accept being hit with punches and landing punches of your own. This is immediately gratifying. Going a few rounds in the ring will certainly help you forget about your day in the office and allow you to be calm and free of stress while at home with your family or out with your friends.


Boxers at the gym have the opportunity to compete in Hong Kong, China and the Philippines as amateur boxers. First competing in the Hong Kong Boxing Association before moving on to China and the Philippines. Age groups for competition start at 15 years old to the age of 40 years old. Those who possess the skills will possibly move on to competing professionally.

For serious fighters we also have training camps in the Philippines at well known boxing gyms with current professional and amateur fighters.

Give it a try. Lose weight-reduce stress-gain confidence.

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