Training with Sifu Chris Collins


Each time block represents a structured class. During that time all classes will have a warm up, followed by technical instruction as well as specific application and sparring. Students are welcome and encouraged to stay after the scheduled class to continue their individual or partner training, even while other classes are being taught. We like to encourage a family atmosphere and comfortable learning environment amongst all the disciplines.

WingTsun and Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Training Schedule with Sifu Chris Collins


1 system

  • HKD1,000 per month / 2 classes per week in a single system system
  • HKD1,250 per month / unlimited classes per week in a single system

2 systems

  • HKD1,500 per month / all classes of 2 systems available to join


  • HKD2,000 per month / all classes available to join



  • 詠春或Pekiti-Tirsia 卡利課程
  • 女子防身術課程
  • 匕首格鬥課程
  • 棍棒格鬥課程