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When You Join ChrisCollinsAction, You Will:
  • Get stronger, leaner and meaner
  • Increase your stamina, endurance, coordination, power, explosiveness, and speed
  • Learn to wield different weapons (knives, long blades, or sticks) and fight with empty hands
  • Gain confidence to face a real situation or encounter on the street
  • Learn to be comfortable fighting standing up or on the ground
  • Get a chance to release stress from your daily work and family life

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Still Not Sure? Listen to What the Current Students Have to Say:
Personal Letter from Sifu Chris

It’s about you. It’s about your journey, your goals, and the motivation behind it all. For everyone it is different. For some, it may be similar, but the path is yours. My goal as a martial arts instructor or combat instructor is to open your mind to how I view armed and unarmed combat based on my experiences, both learned in the classroom and in the real world.

I am a former competitive boxer, Greco Roman wrestler, bouncer, full contact fighter, and US Marine. During those years, I developed a deep understanding of the Combat Arts.

I am currently a Master Level Instructor in WingTsun Kung Fu under Greatmaster Cheng Chuen Fun and Grandmaster Leung Ting. I am Hong Kong’s National Director of the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Combat System founded by Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje Jr., under Tuhon Rommel Tortal and Mandala Jasper De Ocampo. I am a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu representing Clark Gracie Jiu-JItsu in Hong Kong.

Throughout my involvement in the martial arts over the last 30 years, I have come across many systems of unarmed combat and stand firm in my belief that no single system can be the most effective in all situations. Its our ability to focus on a single system at a time, in order to learn it well. To a point where we understand and can apply its fundamental concepts of application. Of course, we must continue it if we choose to become our very best in the hopes of mastering the system.

I sometimes ask potential students, who are trying to decide what class to join, what bothers them the most (being punched in the face or pinned on the ground unable to fight back or being threatened with a knife).

If they say getting punched in the face, I tell them to join the Wing Tsun or boxing class.

WingTsun is a stand up striking system of simplicity, science and sensitivity. A conceptual art rather than a technically driven system. Its structure is not on the physical prowess of the individual, it is instead built on a foundation of body mechanics, the dynamics of human anatomy, and the science of movement. This makes WingTsun a system that can be learnt and applied by any individual with a mind capable of learning and participating in a contact environment. WingTsun is fast, powerful and suffocating to the opposing side.

It is true that a large percentage of all violent confrontations in the street involve a weapon of some sort, a knife, a gun, a bottle, or a club. Violent persons do not fight fair and will seize the advantage when given the opportunity. They are predators of society and operate on the fear of their prey. Therefore, I believe it to be an absolute priority to have the understanding and training as an armed combatant.

The Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system is a ‘blade’ based system. To date, I have yet to come across a system more advanced in the use of the edged weapon. It is a truly devastating combat system rooted in the practice of guerrilla warfare. Its learning structure is particularly insightful. By learning with the longer weapons (rattan sticks, bolo’s) to increase distance control and manipulation, speed and power is achieved through torque and momentum of the swing. The training of the blade or knife, the practitioner gains speed, coordination and confidence in close quarters with cat like reflexes, finally with the hand the Kali practitioner will have the speed, power, coordination and confidence to work within the unarmed circle using joint destruction, joint manipulation and devastating striking capabilities from stand up to ground fighting.

Boxing as you all know is the sweet science. It truly is that. Many people like to focus on Kick boxing or Muay Thai, but for me it has always been boxing. The slickness of a boxer, the lines, the angles. It truly is an art. Its also an art that will knock you out cold if you aren’t paying attention. In the boxing class you will learn in a progression of fitness and coordination doing simple fitness exercises and shadow boxing, speed and explosiveness hitting the heavy bag and hitting the boxing pads (MITTS) and finally you will learn timing, distance and confidence with sparring (from light to heavy sparring sessions).

If they say they fear being pinned to the ground and being unable to fight back. I tell them to learn Jiu Jitsu. It is truly a self defense system and one that not only prepares you physically, it prepares you mentally. You will learn to feel comfortable on the ground, an area that almost every physical confrontation ends up. Through solid technique and understanding leverage as your strengths, you will be able to defend yourself against a stronger opponent. This is especially important for a woman. Its about timing, technique and leverage. The satisfaction a student gets after a session of Jiu Jitsu is hard to match. The combination of instinctual and reasoning thought that happens in a rolling session is something that will improve your capacity to learn and process information.

I teach these systems in its entirety, without watered down versions or ego driven concepts. These systems are, in my opinion, complete in their philosophy, complete in their delivery of knowledge and complete in their development of the individual student as a capable warrior.

I welcome you to join my passion driven, energetic and motivational learning environment in passing on my love of the martial arts and the history and roots of our masters and founders.


Sifu Christopher Collins